SmallHarbour project

We like but actually it can only be used for non-commercial applications. Furthermore there's no documentation from the website to setup our own Seaside-Hosting server. From the actual code base of Seaside-Hosting, we want to create a community project with a business vision on deploying Smalltalk web applications.

See the full description on project page.

The goal of this website is to present the projet and allow everyone to follows its evolution.


What's new

  • Setup your own Debian Linux host with SmallHarbour
    11 August 20114:40:59 pm by Romain Verduci
    This screencast show you how to setup a Debian Linux host with SmallHarbour to host Pharo images. The Debian is a Debian Lenny just installed.
  • Create a blog easily
    4 August 20114:20:51 pm by Romain Verduci
    SmallHarbour allow you to create a blog in less than one minute !
  • Deploy SmallHarbour on a Debian Linux Host
    3 August 20119:25:10 am by Laurent Laffont
    At the SmallHarbour sprint yesterday we managed to deploy SmallHarbour on OVH miniCloud. Here's the how-to. We still have some problems with Apache rewrite rules but this should be fixed soon. At le...